In FCE profile interviews, FCE guests are more personal than ever. Today, we present the one and only, Julie Raelyn. In her own very original words, uncut and as direct as ever, Julie lays it down with no reservations. That’s why we are FatalCut Entertainment. Saying it as it is…

Originally from Michigan, and proud of her Midwestern roots, Julie got her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Minnesota State in 2008. But she decided there was more to life than shoveling snow off her car and pursuing a career she wasn’t in love with, so she moved to San Diego in 2008, and later up to LA in 2012. She can pinpoint getting bit by the acting bug when she was about 12, taking a local acting class for kids. Now she’s finally realizing her dream, and pursuing it in LA in any way she can. Since moving to LA she’s taken part in many student films, improv shows, and singing competitions including making it to the 3rd round of Cabaret Idol in Hollywood. Other hobbies aside from acting include singing, serving as Company Member Manager for the Avery Schreiber Playhouse/Mirror Theater Company in North Hollywood, swimming, tennis, writing, and reading.


Julie is about to shoot the film “Perdition” for students at NYFA, playing the role of Sierra. Starting in August she can also be seen as part of the cast of “The Dinner Detective” murder mystery show in Long Beach, OC, and Los Angeles. Below, Julie can be seen on the set of “Jonestown”. A film about the Jim Jones suicides.



Well, since you mentioned near death experience, I was in a pretty intense car accident back in February 2010. I broke my femur which is your biggest bone in your body, and my wrist. I was laid up for 4-6 months, and took me well over a year to fully recover. While I had all that downtime it did force me to think about life and what I was doing with my life. I credit that experience with giving me the push I needed to move up to LA. I was previously too scared, or didn’t think I had enough credits on my resume. But I realized life is too short, and you shouldn’t keep making excuses for not following your dreams, or they’ll never happen. So I made up my mind and when I was fully recovered I just did it. I made the jump.



Well I mean I guess the answer to the above question can also fit here. I just remember a day when I was laying in bed after the accident, no one home, nothing but me and my thoughts. And I thought what am I doing with my life? I’ve just spent 4 years in San Diego doing nothing, basically. A few little short plays here and there, some dinner theatre, but nothing big. And working at home depot. And I thought what if I had died in that car accident? I would have nothing to show for it. And I did actually think why have I let my family and friends govern what sort of plan i should have for my life? Isn’t it my feelings that are the most important? I was just like I’m not getting any younger…if I keep wasting days thinking that I’m too scared to go after what I want then what’s the point?



Well I don’t know if NO ONE knows this, but probably most people don’t know that I was adopted. And I met my two bilogical brothers about 4 years ago. It was an amazing experience that belonged on Oprah. I still keep in touch with them, and am trying to get to know them as best as I can from afar, as they both live back in Michigan.


Get more information on Julie here www.imdb.me/julieraelyn

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  1. Julie Raelyn says:

    Thanks for letting me say it as it is!


  2. Thanks for sharing with us Julie.

    The FCE Team


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