FCE PROFILES: TONY TAMBI up Close & Personal

In FCE profile interviews, FCE guests are more personal than ever. This week, we present to you Tony Tambi, the rising Cameroonian star with some remarkable performances and yet to be seen productions under his belt. In his own very original words, uncut and as direct as ever, Tony says it as it is. That’s why we are FatalCut Entertainment. Saying it as it is…

My name is Tony Tambi and I am a U.S. based actor and filmmaker. After spending the first seven years of my life in Nigeria and the next fourteen in Cameroon, I moved to Minnesota in 1999 to further my education. Armed with an Accounting degree from Minnesota State University, Mankato (becoming a CPA was on my to-do list…seriously), I moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.


Within a year of my arrival, I received an NAACP Theatre Award Nomination playing the character Monday in my very first play in Los Angeles; The God Botherers. Other plays followed including the critically-acclaimed world premiere of Butterflies of Uganda. My first TV credit was a co-starring role on The Unit, followed by other TV appearances on Scrubs, Nip Tuck and NCIS Los Angeles.


I’m currently co-producing and starring in ‘Eight Count’, another short about 2 boxers from Africa.


When I was moving to California from Minnesota in November 2003, I had what I consider to be a near death experience. I had decided to make the move a ‘road trip’ and a friend of mine came along for the ride. Driving on the slippery Interstate 80 going through Nebraska my friend lost control of the car and crashed into a bridge pier. We spun around about 5 times before crashing and I honestly thought – this is the end. After spending a night in the hospital, we were discharged the next day. With no serious injuries and my car totaled, we continued by Greyhound to the City of Angels. I’m guessing this incident made me stronger since it didn’t kill me.



I’m not sure there was a specific moment in time when I chose this path. I’ve been acting all my life and gradually working up the courage to transition to being a professional actor. Growing up in Nigeria, my Mom put me in every play possible and my Dad always quizzed us about movies and movie stars. Funny enough they both still wonder how, when and why I fell in love with performing and the entertainment industry. As a six year old I remember watching the play The Gods Are Not To Blame by Ola Rotimi and being immensely moved by the experience. Being able to tell a story by breathing life into characters is the highest form of creativity and art in my opinion. In my twenties when I realized I had “some amount of talent”, it gave me the courage to follow my dream.



So something exciting most people don’t know about me?  Well I find this exciting…I wrote four poems as a teen. I think the poems are brilliant if I may say so myself (laughing right now). Someday when I’ve become a household name we’ll have them published.


Enjoy Tony’s demo reel below as he get’s ready to  present to you all ‘Chapter One’.

After various starring and supporting roles in numerous short films,  I co-wrote, directed, produced and starred in my own short: ‘Chapter One’. You can check out the trailer below:

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Elvis Niba says:

    Good job, Toni T. Keep up the good work-

    E. Niba-


    1. Tony Tambi says:

      Thanks Gaucher!


  2. Tony Tambi says:

    Fatalcutentertainment: Who else will say it as it is?


    1. Thanks Tony for the great interview and for sharing your story with your fans. It was a pleasure.

      The FCE Team


  3. ChrisM says:

    Brother speaks french!


  4. Al says:

    Bro, remember April 2013, and the long wait in tthe basement of that studio………..


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