At FCE, we shine spotlights on the newest and most promising music artists and film talent. The purpose of FCE Album Spotlight is to shine a light on music albums that are moving the African culture forward. This would be a deserved spotlight on debuting future great artists to look out for.

These spotlight reviews will consist of album scores largely based on the deep appreciation, objective perception and forward thinking analyses and opinions of FCE team. The elements that will consist the album review will include:

  1. AfroVibility: This will determine whether the artist is staying true to the raw original vibes African music is based on, while incorporating other influences from around the world.
  2. Conceptual Execution: This will measure consistency and show how the artist is creating an album with a theme that weaves through the entire album.
  3. Lyrical Content: It’s not just about rhyming but making sense. Lyrical Content will evaluate the overall composition of the artist as to whether they are saying something of value that edutains the masses.
  4. ReplayAbility: There is something to the album and songs that makes you want to stay on replay mode. ReplayAbility is simply the replay value of the album. Will it stand the test of time?


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