FCE PROFILES: CIANA Up Close & Personal

In FCE profile interviews, our featured artists present themselves to their fans in the most personal and intimate manner. This week we will be getting up and close with Cameroon’s new rising female rap artist Caroline Jabe Takon Aka CIANA. As the number one for Mode Maison PR, CIANA is leaving no stone unturned as she clears the path for landing in the Cameroonian entertainment space. Here is an exclusive for you in her own very words. Thats why we are FatalCut Entertainment saying it as it is…


CIANA is a Cameroon based rap artist and singer in her early 20s who kicked off her music career as a songwriter. Her writing skills were sharpened by providing songs to her sister who was then a chorist as well as to her friends who were music artists. By 2010, CIANA started writing and rapping to her own songs thereby enabling her to join an all male rap group called “Big Boy Game.” Although the group did not last long, CIANA decided to embark on a solo project sharpening her rapping skills and building up her popularity.

In the same 2010, she caught the attention of music label Trackzone Records through which she had the opportunity to attend and perform on various music shows which included the “12-12-12” – the biggest ever showcase in Buea. By 2013, she was signed under the Buea based record label No Hitz No Recordz where she released her first single entitled “Bangwa Sense”


Music for CIANA is an inborn passion which she responded to from a tender age by singing in a Christian choir and enjoying the calmness and liberation it gave her. Pursuing a music career was inevitable through her admiration of artists such as Beyoncé, Foxxy Brown, Phyno, MI. Whilst looking up to these artists, CIANA realised music was the best way to pass on a message to the public and she dreamt of doing the same. She cites her inspiration as coming from the Lord, from issues and events in the society as well as from the hustle and the desire to become a great person. She gave a thrilling first performance to a large crowd last month during the Stanley Enow Orangina sponsored concert at Parcours Vita in Douala, her name is CIANA and she is the new and first ever female music artist to be signed under ModeMaison PR’s books.


Sometime last year, I was robbed and beaten on my way home after a rather cold and very vibrant evening at the studio. I was attacked by a robber who was armed with a knife. He demanded that I give him my phone and bag or else face fatal consequences, filled with fear I tried to resist his demands but ended up being badly beaten and left helpless and wounded. Thanks to a passerby – my good Samaritan, I was rescued and taken to the hospital.

IMG_8278 (2)


I kept having a recurring dream whereby I was always warned about the way I was living my life and everytime I kept ignoring it and continued with my lifestyle. One night however, this all changed and I had to give more thought to myself and my life as in my dream, I was severely  overpowered by a force that was more powerful than I. From that night on , I vowed to be more respectful towards life and to live a better life.

IMG_8287 (2)


Many months ago,  I was invited to perform at a concert in Limbe and after spending some time in the VIP lounge gearing up for my time on stage I heard my name being called, I immediately responded and proceeded to go on stage amidst screaming and cheering from the fans…but guess what happened next! The lights went off completely and with no generator in sight, I just had to wait and 30 mins later they came back on and I was able to perform my set. Anything can happen in show business eh!

IMG_8167 (2)

 Here is how you can Contact CIANA:

Ciana Twitter: @bestciana

Twitter: @bestciana

Label Twitter: @NHNRENT

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ModeMaisonPR

Email: mmprcamer@gmail.com

PR Twitter: @ModeMaisonPR


More information on FCE:

Email: fatalcutentertainment@gmail.com

PROFILES/Press Release Services: fatalcutentertainment@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Media.FCE

Twitter: @FCEontwit / https://twitter.com/FCEontwit


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  1. mmprcamer says:

    Many thanks FCE for this great feature of our stargirl. We appreciate it. Thank you.


  2. Liliane.b says:

    Moi je connais deja ca


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