In  FCE profile interviews, it’s up close and personal as it can be. This week, the talented up and coming Rebecca Rowley takes us along her incredible journey from Parowan, Utah to California. Self-introspection and self-discipline is a necessity in the industry. In her own words, uncut and direct, Rebecca tells us as it is. That’s why we are  FatalCut Entertainment.  Saying it as it is…

Rebecca Rowley

Rebecca Rowley was born in Parowan, Utah and moved to California at the ripe age of 4. She has stayed in California since than and took her first acting class at Madera High School her freshman year and fell in love with the craft. Rebecca received her BA in Communications and moved to Burbank shortly after. Rebecca has starred in a feature film entitled I am…Dead Directed by Brother Andy. She also just acted as Switch a juvenile prisoner in a film entitled Jailbait directed by Jared Cohn produced by Asylum the same film company that made Sharknato. She acted in several plays Directed by the renowned Actors Studio Member Wendy Girard. Rebecca starred in a play production Love Slash Lust Directed by Oscar Nominee Bill Haugse.


She is currently co-starring in a pilot Written and Directed by Brian Woods. Rebecca is dedicated to creating a vulnerable life on film and on stage that people can watch and learn from.

My mother passed away 4 years ago and besides my Father, she was one of my biggest fans, so I guess you can say I strive to make her proud.


I recently produced, wrote and directed my on SAG/AFTRA short film and am a member of the SAG/AFTRA Acting Union.  I am also writing a very compelling story which I hope through the connections I’ve made since I’ve moved to LA, will lead a path to creating a compelling and successful film and will be a great way to introduce myself to the world. I would greatly appreciate it.


My life changed when I stopped using drugs my sophomore year in High School and moved from Madera, CA to Palm Springs, CA.  My mother had a lenient way of parenting and my father was much more disciplined.  With the support of my loving father, mother and psychologist, I made the choice to move to Palm Springs.  With self-introspection and self-discipline and the anchor of my father to guide me and my mother’s 100% belief love for entertaining, (which a role my father triumphantly took over when she passed away), my life flipped up side down from continuous late nights of irresponsible behaviors, to hours and hours of homework, going to sleep early and healthy living.  In college I ran cross country, through that my self discovery and self discipline began to reach new heights.  I also discovered film making in college an Intro to Filmmaking class taught by a wonderful man named Michael Gladych.

Acting Reel

I fell in love with film making for two main reasons; 1) I have always been a visual person.  I used to make my own picture books as a child. I’d cut out objects from my Grandmother Cleone’s tons of wallpaper sample books I found tucked away on a dusty shelve in a misty, creepy closet in her TV room.  2) I used story telling and film making as a way to express thoughts that were in my psyche from the traumatic and pivotal events that took place in my adolescence.  I became fascinated with the power that filmmaking has to capture moments in peoples lives through lighting, music, sound and actors and can be edited together to create a medium that can latch onto audiences on such a real and impactful level.


🙂 I answered that question above.  To reiterate, I decided I needed discipline, which is why I moved to my father’s home in Palm Springs.  Filmmaking and acting take an intense amount of discipline. After a year of experimenting in filmmaking, I began to experiment with another medium; me.


I began taking intense acting classes in Palm Desert with former General Hospital director and director of the Frost/Nixon interviews, Jorn Winther and a current Actor’s Studio member and Director Wendy Girard.   I absolutely fell in love with acting.  I am obsessed with discovering my body as an instrument to create new realities.


Right now I am writing two feature film screenplays both with women as the lead.  One in which I will direct and the other I have written myself in as the lead.  Both films are about women who struggle with the pressures they put themselves, while they try to reach their full potential.  The second screenplay is particularly close to my heart as it is based off of major events that happened in my life including the death of my mother.  I am very excited for this project, not only will it be a great challenge for me as an actor, it will also be made by the assistance of the many talented friends and colleagues that I’ve met in the past years.

Red Carpet Look

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