In FCE profile interviews, artists let the essence of who they are shine through and give you their unedited and raw talent. This week we take you to the streets with the lyrically gifted Nabil aka Nabstar who is shaking things across Europe and West Africa. Thats why we are FatalCut Entertainment saying it as it is…


Nabstar aka Nabil4real aka Nabil has been within the music scene for many years. He has had the privilege to have mentors including Behyia who introduced him to radio and to the legendary Cameroonian artist Tom Yoms who gave him his first job on the radio on a show called The Lay Low show” at the tender age of 18. Nabil grew up in Bonaberi, Douala and uses his experiences and background in his music to paint a picture that is true to our everyday lives and society.

In preparation of his full comeback to the music scene, former radio host cum entertainer/rapper Nabstar is releasing a 3 part EP of tracks which shine a light on his 3 very diverse personalities.


Confirm” a Cameroon street lingua has been moralised as a street anthem with a street video to match, it is released today online. The track which kicked off as a freestyle of Nabil’s life experiences and which features on “My Tory 1.1” – the first EP makes references to true life situations, friends, the past, the present and stories which people who know where he is from can relate to.

The street video was aimed at demystifying Nabil as an artist and portraying him as an artist from the streets building his legacy by living his dreams. The video is a combination of show footages he has performed at across Europe with Naija stars including Davido and also includes DJ Eppz, DJ Cool, Bayo of Motherland.

More videos for “My Tory 1.1” will be released during the next coming months as well as more stage performances organised.



When I was a child in Nigeria, I watched my sister get hit by a bus and rolled over!! For a second she didn’t move and I thought she was dead! I wasn’t even 10 years old yet and it was the closest I had come to death! Miraculously she woke up and started running towards me! That is an experience I will never forget!



It was without a doubt when I meet Behyia and convinced him I could do radio and he gave me my first shot! I did a write up on Tupac and his 7 day theory and his Makaveli concept! That show changed my life! Gave me an opportunity to start my career in the media that has been the base to my musical career too.



My Album will definitely be one of the biggest African hiphop album. Definitely a classic, from high profile featurings and collaborations with artists and producers and a lot of surprise guests! I am very excited and looking forward to it.


More Information on Nabil

Press: modemaisonpr@gmail.com

General Enquiries: Nabil4real@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nabilm



Enjoy Nabil’s music video “Confirm” on FatalCut Entertainment below.


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