In  FCE profile interviews, we bring your amazing talents from different walks of life. This week we bring you the incredibly talented musician from Cameroon Museba who is making people dance from Cameroon to France, Nigeria and to other parts of the globe. So without further delay we present to you Museba. That’s why we are FatalCut Entertainment saying it as it is…


Andrea Museba is a recording artist born on July 23 in Abidjan. With her multiple origins, she chose “Museba” which means “trumpet” in Douala’s dialect as her stage name simply because it represents her passion for music. With a Cameroonian dad and a Congolese mother, Museba spent her childhood between Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Belgium. At the age of 8, her love of singing, dancing and painting were exposed during her school’s performances.

After her graduation from high school in 2004, Museba moved to Douala Cameroon. She completed her undergraduate studies in Cameroon and got a degree in Communications, she also signed several contracts with mobile networks and cosmetic enterprises for whom she was the muse.


It was in 2009 that Museba was motivated to develop and work on her music. While she was used to writing songs in class, she decided to record them in the studio. The song that she wrote gave her the honor of becoming the opening act for the famous bassist Richard Bona in 2012 in Cameroon.

Her music background is a mix of Afro Pop and Afro House. Museba expresses herself through simple subjects such as love, imperfections, day-to-day life in Pidgin, English and French. In 2012 Museba released her first Afro House album called “Nayo Slowly.” Which was welcomed by the public and she’s still performing it on stage. She came out this year with an Afro Pop  single ” Bom Bom Bom” the song is already popular in several TVs, radio stations, parties and nightclubs in Cameroon, France, Nigeria and several other countries.

Museba wanted to bring a sort of musical revolution to Cameroon and shake things up with her single “Bom Bom Bom.” She has since recorded a bit more than 15 songs and can perform on stage for more than one hour. If you love music, if you have rhythm in your skin… her artistic talent will certainly seduce you.


Missing a flight one day before my performance thank God there were lot a of flights that day!!



Well it was after I successfully completed my degree in communication that I decided to be focused on my music and build my career and I can see today that It was a good decision.



I have a tatoo at the back of my waist!

museba new single follow follow 2013

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