In FCE profile interviews, we bring you incredible talents from across the globe on a weekly basis. And this week is no different, meet the talented actor, dancer, model and art curator Ana Tkachenko. She has graced stages from Russia, London to Los Angeles and has appeared in popular international TV Shows. So without further adieu here she is unedited and uncensored. Thats why we are FatalCut Entertainment. Always saying it as it is…

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Anna Onli (Anna Tkachenko) was born in Kiev Ukraine, she moved to Saint Petersburg, Russia as a teenager. She is a graduate of Saint Petersburg State University Culture and Arts. Anna has loved Arts since early age she studied dance, piano and painting. Her success started from modelling, commercials and catwalks. She was chosen for the Calendar of the 20th Century Woman. During her studies at University she also studied the unique acting technique DFS with the great Russian director Igor Kalinauskas. She starred in popular Russian TV series  “The Streets of The Broken Lanterns”.  After graduation Anna has dedicated her passion and skills to the Arts as a curator. She has curated Art Exhibitions in Russia and in Europe. Anna’s talent as a dancer and actress attracted the attention of  internationally recognised choreographers and directors.

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She  was chosen to star in the remarkable art project of Igor Kalinauskas “The Cage The Story of Beauty.” She was the leading dancer in the Bond Magazine event Synchronic Portrayal by the world renowned Saatchi Gallery in London in 2011. The event was such a huge success that casting directors and many professionals were impressed with Anna’s talent, her ability to keep the audience captivated and to deliver such an outstanding performance. Following the huge success of this show Anna was immediately offered  the role of a Russian Ballerina in The British/German production TV series The Other Wife. The desire of being a great part of the entertainment industry brought Anna to Los Angeles, where she has started a new and successful career.


The most crucial thing that happened to me was the moment when I lost my father. Since that time my life started to change so quickly. Without looking back I moved to Saint Petersburg, a completely different city and started a new life. I was surrounded by interesting, intelligent and artistic people, from whom I learned a big deal about real humanity, gratitude and that everything in this world exists in correlation with each other. Also the vibe of the city where there are many remarkable museums, beautiful architecture and historical heritage all had a big influence on me and my perception of the world as a whole. Thus, I have a mission to show the beauty of the world in every one of my project.

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The main decision for me was also a huge challenge and that was to come to LA and start my career here. At first I decided to achieve the professional acting skills in one of the internationally recognized acting school The Lee Strasberg TV and Film Institute. It has been always  important for me to work with professional people and Hollywood is a place where many great professionals come from all over the world. This I can say is an exciting exchange of different cultures, philosophy, art and lifestyle. I’m fascinated with people and in acting its a great opportunity to display all sides of people’s lives. And for me personally it is a wonderful time to discover myself in interaction with new people in acting and in a new lifestyle. I understand how it is important to be yourself, to believe in your true intentions and to keep moving forward to reach your goal.



Something that I’ve always been interested in is the power of women, nature and sensuality. Obviously the nature of men and of women is different and both species are diverse creatures and I find this absolutely fascinating! Women’s nature is so attractive to me and I find this eternal question, “what is being a  woman?” And my answer is that to be a woman is to be stimulating and provocative. I’m not a fan of being in competition with men but I believe in great mutual benefits from collaboration with them. Women have their own way of looking at everything and this apparition is just as powerful, it gives complete new ideas, solutions and visions.

The sexuality is a magnificent attractive power and like any kind of power it can be constructive or destructive. It is like playing with fire or with an element. I studied a few ancient techniques for managing my energy and it has had a great influence on my entire life. Using this knowledge in every day of my life  is like finding my own tune, which brings harmony with the world and people.

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More information on Anna at:

Web- www.annaonli.com

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/AnnaOnli?ref=hl

Imdb- http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5013002/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

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