In FCE profile interviews, we bring you a multitude of talents on a very up close and personal podium. Today we sit down with the multitalented Actor Josh Pinkerman. That’s why we are FatalCut Entertainment. Saying it as it is…

Josh Pinkerman Headshot


Well I’ve had quite a few crucial things happen in my life but I’d have to say the most crucial was an accident I got in right before my 15th birthday that changed my life forever. I got in a car accident and got expelled from the car and ended up ripping my foot off.  I rolled head over heels about 30 feet and landed on the curb. At that moment all I thought I had was a big bump on my head but when I tried to get up I wasn’t going anywhere and didn’t know why. That is until I looked down to see my shoe hanging from my leg with my foot inside of it.

Now I know this may sound painful but let me tell you shock is a wonderful thing because I didn’t feel a thing. Of course when the ambulance got there to put me on the gurney all that pain kicked in and boy was it painful. It took many years to recoup from that and all that time I had to figure out what was I going to do with my life.

Growing up I had two older brothers who were pretty big into extreme sports and trying to keep up with them was a challenge and I was a very accident prone kid. My oldest brother Dave Pinkerman was one of the world’s first extreme pro snowboarders. With him and a handful of guys they made movies about their adventures all over the world boarding from Asia and Europe to Alaska and everywhere else you can think of, he was definitely my hero. So I would always try new sports from one kind to another and always failing miserably.  That’s when I realized I was the artist in the family and that’s what I needed to concentrate on.

Tux Shot


I think there are two crucial days that changed my life, one was when I was about 26 yrs old working in the sales department of a large payroll company in Palm Springs Ca, which was also the family business on my half brothers side. I wasn’t very happy there and I think any artist would agree that working in corporate America, family or not, is a small form of torture for any artist. At the time I knew I needed to make a change in my life that was in the direction of art and acting. One thing I always wanted to do was work as an art consultant in a fine art gallery. Then one day I get an email from my sister inlaw that she copied me in on. It was to this gallery director Christian Hohmann of The Hart Gallery.

He sent an email out to everyone asking if they knew anyone that would like to join his sales team for a very highend fine art gallery. Her reply was “Oh my brother in-law would be perfect for your gallery but you can’t hire him because he works for the family business”. I was in shock, how could my sister inlaw put words in my mouth and not only that but to a dream job of mine but I think she knew what she was doing and that was giving me a little push in that direction.

Anyway it only took a day to think about it and I knew I needed to reply. So I went to the gallery and set up an interview. Seventeen applicants later I won the job and from that point on I got to be involved and completely ingulffed in the arts, I never looked back. I got to look over the shoulder and learn from some of the greatest artists in the world. Our gallery also was involved in the entertainment world out there as well and we did a lot of local TV shows, interviews  from magazines, etc etc, I loved it. But it wasn’t enough and when the bubble popped in 2008 I left. After that I lived in San Clemente Ca working for my brothers new software company, ugh more torture.


Then the next day that changed my life happened and that was the day I lost my mother. I was devastated; she was my biggest support in everything I did and really my only support and best friend. At that moment I knew enough was enough, I told my brother I love you but I am out of here. I moved to LA not too long after and two and a half years later I’m still here building my career in the arts and entertainment world and haven’t looked back.

Cop on the Beat


Well as of right now I have a lot of “juicy” projects on my table. On one side I have the art of Mister Pink, which is my view of the world through the mediums of sculpture and paintings in the movements of lowbrow, pop surrealism and Kustom Kulture. Basically my style involves a lot of hot rods, childhood memories and my wild mind put into a blender. You can see some of these works on my website MisterPink.org. At the moment I have about 15 new concepts I will be working on over the next year.

But one in particular I’m really excited about and that is my version of The Pink Panther Limo built by famous Hollywood car designer Jay Ohrberg. After getting a call from RadioActiveBob from seeing my article in Rebel Rodz magazines Nov 2012 issue he fell in love with the artwork of Mister Pink and asked what he could do to help. I told him about my idea with the Panther Limo and he was in shock. He actually helped build that car with Mr Ohrberg and gave me the opportunity to meet him and the famous car. He was thrilled to have me make my version of it and give homage to him.

Me and Mister Pinks Wild Ride

Now on the acting side there is just as much going on. Im auditioning constantly and working on my own projects as well, I will be appearing in a film by Christian Sesma later this year called Lost Time. I play John a detective and although its just one scene, its with the main character Carter, keep an eye for it.

Then there’s my own film project called “The Wannabe Jedi”. I wont go into too much detail but lets just say its about soo much more than Star Wars. At the moment I am on my second version of the script. Once this project is complete you will be pleasantly surprised.  Well I hope I didn’t ramble on too much, believe me I have many more stories to tell and even more projects to create.


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