In FCE profile interviews, we bring you unprecedented look that is up close and personal to some of the fascinating singers and actors from across the world and this week it is no different. We bring you the incredible Vanessa Payge, a singer-songwriter and an Entertainment personality hailing from Cameroon and Martinique. That’s why we are FatalCut Entertainment. Saying it as it is…

Vanessa Payge is a singer-songwriter and an Entertainment personality from Cameroon and Martinique. Being part of the music scene quickly became a passion as she started singing at age 7 and became a soloist in church at age 13. Vanessa Payge followed around small concerts and participated in various projects. Her first claim to fame was the successful acoustic remix of DUC-Z “Je ne donne pas le lait” which was played on more than ten radios stations in Cameroon.


Vanessa is more than just a beautiful face and a great voice. She is continually dedicating herself to empowering women through her songs where she always brings a personal touch to her writing and shares her experiences with her audience.

Vanessa is also giving back to charity through prestigious organizations such as “Association RENATA” a Cameroon charity that helps teen mums between ages 12 and 18 who have been rapped.  In November 2013, she will release the Club Banger “Guider tes pas” which is produced by Jean-Marc Gosset and arranged by Anoféla. Vanessa is definitely becoming an unstoppable force in the Cameroonian Entertainment industry.

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The most crucial thing that ever happened in my life so far is my parent’s divorce. I was very young, 11 years old and it forever broke my vision of our perfect family because it came from nowhere. I had never seen them argue or anything. So, I understood that they protected me but I also realized we were living a lie. I still believe that I can do better in the future when it comes to a family of my own but it really changed my perception of what love really is.

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I was going through a lot in my personal life at one point in my life. I was looking for myself, looking for what I really wanted to do with my life. I looked into music and traditional work. I did not want to feel controlled by society, family, friends or even the unknown. I decided to put everyone’s thoughts aside and only think about Me Myself and I. I chose me, I chose to focus on ME and do what I want to do! Both Musically and being a strong businesswoman!



Everyone that knows my music knows me as a Slow-Jamz singer, so they will be very surprised to hear my upcoming single. It’s on a totally different field. It’s more urban, Afro, Caribbean, it’s a club Banger actually!!! I can’t wait for you guys to dance on it! 😉

More information on Vanessa at:

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Soundcloud: Http://Soundcloud.com/MsVanessapayge

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