In FCE profile interviews, we bring you international entertainers from all walks of life. This week we bring to you the multitalented Kate Rees Davies, a UK native who is honing her acting and directing skills in Hollywood. Have a front row seat as Kate lays it down uncut and unedited. That’s why we are FatalCut Entertainment. Always saying it as it is…

Kate directing the music video Beautiful

Born in the UK, Kate moved to Sydney in 2007 to study acting at NIDA. While there she performed live for the Pope on his World Youth Day tour, in a production of The Stations of The Cross. She perfected her on set skills in numerous commercials, student films, music videos, feature films and TV series. While at an audition for a small independent commercial, the producer asked her if she would like to direct it, she had never directed before but her on set experience had given her enough exposure to what a director does and how they communicate to cast and crew. She rose to the challenge and got the directing bug.

This led her to Los Angeles to study directing at the renowned UCLA in 2009. While in Los Angeles she continued her acting studies at the Ivana Chubbuck Studio and TVI. During her studies she got involved in several features and short films, behind and in front of the camera. After graduating from UCLA in 2011, the thesis film she directed, Cell/Phone played at the Cannes Film Festival. Later in 2011 she was selected by Women in Film (WIF LA) to direct one of the digital PSA’s about the dangers of using a cell phone while driving. This was submitted for an Emmy and eventually won a Telly Award.

Kate is also a writer and wrote the web series Babe Arella, for her and her friends, through the SAG New Media Contract. This enabled her to hone her directing, acting and production skills and get five of her cast members SAG eligibility.

Her latest short film, STICKS & STONES, is about the devastating effects of bullying and was shot on the new Sony F65 camera. The film has had partial distribution through SONY and recently screened at The 2013 Cannes Film Festival.


She is also a producer and apart from producing her own projects, she is about to co produce her third feature film, with Blanc Biehn Productions, entitled THE GIRL, starring Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc. Her goal is to direct narrative feature films and her dream job would be to direct a James Bond movie!
While staying in Tahiti, my friend and I decided to go snorkeling in the harbour, looking for stingrays. After snorkeling for over an hour, I had lost my friend and got caught in a rip tide. I was a long way out and the more I tried to swim in to shore, the further I was drifting out to sea! I was getting cold and ended up surrendering to the ocean. I remember thinking “if I’m going to die, there is no place on earth more beautiful.” By some divine intervention I ended up floating near to a beach and with the last bit of energy I had left, I managed to shout help to the only couple sunbathing there. They ended up dragging me out and I lived to tell the tale. It really made me appreciate and enjoy each and every day of my life.


 I had always wanted to be in the film business, ever since I was a little girl. After leaving school the dream was lost as I ended up going into the corporate world. Years later, while on a trip to Sydney to visit a friend I sat myself down and asked myself the question “If money were not an option, what career would I choose?” The only thing I could think of was the film business. The next week I enrolled in acting classes and six years later I am living my dream in Hollywood. A lesson to everybody, that it is never too late.
Kate directing the film Sticks & Stones


After a successful career in advertising, I decided to take a year off and travel around the globe, it turned into years of adventure where I would spend winters snowboarding in the mountains, and summers windsurfing, waterskiing and sailing. I became an adrenaline junkie, at my fitness peak. I swam with whale sharks, climbed the highest trees on the planet and the most terrifying thing I did was climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  It also gave me endless material for the projects I create as a filmmaker. I think coming into the film business is the thing that get’s my adrenaline racing the most! When you love what you do you won’t ever have to work another day in your life!

Kate snowboarding with Friends in the French Alps


Get more information on Kate here http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3433402/


Sticks and Stones

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