In FCE profile interviews, it’s all about who you are, where you are from and where you are heading to. This week, FCE PROFILES sits with JULIE BRETT, the San Diego born talented actress currently brewing up some interesting projects in Hollywood. Being one with nature in the Santa Monica mountains could possibly be just a source of inspiration but Julie’s professional training gives a whole new meaning to versatility in the entertainment industry. In her own original words, uncut and as direct as ever, JULIE BRETT says it as it is. That’s why we are FatalCut Entertainment. Saying it as it is…


Julie Brett is an actress born and raised in San Diego, where her parents surrounded her with music and a zest for life and adventure. Movement is the foundation of her artistic life. She‘s been a dancer, a dance teacher, a competitive gymnast and can proudly boast that her first professional performances were as a mime, being trained by the San Diego Pantomime Company.


After attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts she received her Bachelors in Theatre from California State Northridge and set out on her acting quest in Hollywood. Now, if she’s not in front of a camera, she’s singing American Standards with her band. She loves performing; it is her passion, her adventure, her life.  To see all her current and past projects or to follow her on Facebook, visit her website, www.juliebrett.org.



The first time I was struck by mortality, was when I was very young, maybe 5 or 6. A family acquaintance’s house caught fire and her little girl, perhaps no older then I, died, hidden in a closet. I didn’t know this little girl, but I imagined myself in her place, her fear and pain. I have never forgotten that horror. Possibly the first time I had ever felt it. Bad things happen. It doesn’t make sense, but it is the human experience. I will never forget that.



A decision that changed me fundamentally was when I set out on a remarkable adventure through Nepal and Tibet. It began in Kathmandu and rounded out at the base camp of Everest. I traveled alone, meeting up with an English group and setting out on one of the most action packed journeys I have ever experienced, including rioting mobs, severe altitude sickness and being abandoned on a mountain side by our guide.… I never realized how adaptable I was before then; what I could endure, and what I could go without. I came home not only knowing that I could take on the world, but that I SHOULD! We are all capable of more than we think. Dream big, go far!



Many people don’t know of my love of botany. When I’m not performing you can usually find me on a mountaintop in the Santa Monica Mountain Range; hunting for, identifying, and studying the flora of the area. I hope one day to compile a field guide.


To see Julie in action, watch her theatrical reel below:


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