In FCE profile interviews, boundaries are blur and the reality comes to light. This week, FCE PROFILES sits with  STANLEY ENOW, the indisputable Cameroonian flag bearer with a serious rep of Motherland Empire record label. There is no yesterday when it comes to Cameroon Hip Hop music especially with street wrecking, ear ringing and club banging singles such as “Hein Père”. In his own original words, uncut and as direct as ever, STANLEY ENOW says it as it is. That’s why we are FatalCut Entertainment. Saying it as it is…


Stanley Enow aka Bayangi boy is a young international standard urban rap act shaking the music industry in Cameroon at present. With his thrilling, charismatic freestyle display, Stanley Enow has so far been accredited with being a major innovator within the scene. Call him the “Perfect Blender”, a natural born showman, he has immensely warmed the hearts of fans within Cameroon and beyond through perfectly mastering his English, French and Pidgin flows.

His rap introductions started with little performances at school activities and birthday parties which further led him to owning a 2 hour radio freestyle show of his own on RUT FM in Bafoussam. With time, brand Stanley Enow presents itself partly due to Stanley’s advanced creative background and also his team’s effort to ensure he leaves his footprints after every performance or appearance via his clothing identity and his gadgets (the Cameroon flag).


Fast forward to 2013 and Stanley Enow has brought a huge change in the Cameroonian local Hiphop scene just with the release of his award hunting single “Hein Père”. This perfect blend of Cameroonian slangs in a jam packed Southside-type musical regalia earned huge buzz and scored the Bayangi Boy 6000 plays on Soundcloud in just 2 days. Preluding his “Soldier Like Ma Papa” upcoming album, Stanley Enow will be releasing a series of singles under his co-owned label, Motherland Empire.



Well, this question is kinda tough boy! On one side, I will bring up the fact that I’m blessed to be the first Cameroonian artist to have been positively and worldwide acclaimed after the release of my single. Getting 30,000 views after 10 days on YouTube is history for the Cameroonian music industry. On the other hand I’m more shocked with the death of my lady friend whom I thought I would one day marry.



The day I stood up for real is a couple of months back when I had enough of that mental slavery phenomenon whereby people keep saying you can’t make it. Taking advantage of the tough times you’re going through, to say you’re a failure. Its common right here though. After the rain came the sun and when it came we kissed it.



I’m good at TV and radio hosting. I can spice up people’s ears sometimes with juicy voice tags!


‘HEIN PERE’ is currently available on iTunes. For more information on Stanley Enow, visit;

Facebook: Stanley Enow Official

Twitter: @StanleyEnow

Hein Pere

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