FCE PROFILES: V DOT CHRIS up Close & Personal

In FCE profile interviews, FCE guests are more personal than ever. This week, from MANNORUN RECORDS, we present to you V-DOT CHRIS. With the rising hip hop and urban music from all corners of Cameroon, V-DOT CHRIS is positioning himself as an act to watch in this new African boundary shattering entertainment industry of Cameroon. In his own very original words, uncut and as direct as ever, V-DOT CHRIS says it as it is. That’s why we are FatalCut Entertainment. Saying it as it is…


V-DOT CHRIS (born in Mbalangi) is a Cameroonian singer, composer, songwriter and recording artist signed to the MANNORUN RECORDS music label. Atem Chris was born in 1985, the son of Chief Forchap Martin and a Farming mother. He grew up in the neighborhood of Mbalangi, though times were tough, his parents saw that he received a primary education at Government Primary School Mbalangi between the years 1993 to 2000. Between 2000 and 2007, he attended Secondary and High School.


In 2001, while still attending Secondary school, V-dot wrote his first song. Pleased with the results, Chris was inspired to pursue a career in music. In 2002, while still attending secondary school, V-dot formed a band called “Ber-chris” with a friend. V-dot played a major role in the group, mainly acting as the composer and songwriter. In a period of 3 years, V-dot wrote over 90 songs for the band, though not all were recorded. By 2005 the band broke up. It had not been particularly successful, and his friend had to return to school. Shortly after the disbanding of his group “Ber-chris”, V-dot moved into a solo career, recording his first single in 2006 at M1 studio Molyko. He then caught the attention of DP of JM Productions at the time(2008) and worked a couple of tracks with him. About year later, DP and some other few ambitious guys founded Zee-Line Entertainment and of which had 12 artists in the label with V.Dot Chris being their favorite artist. 2years later, the label dissolved due to unfaithfulness to the label by some key members and thus, DP, Scarce Boy and Smat moved over to start the dream record label, MANNORUN RECORDS with V.Dot Chris as the only artist of the label.



So many crucial things had happened in my life in the past years.But in 2006, the one thing that really stroke my heart was when i saw my mother’s tears running down her cheeks. Wow!… and the reason was simple. She cried because she had always wanted me to be a medical Doctor but rather, I chose a musical career…She wasn’t expecting this from me and even though she did not wish me ill luck in it, she shed tears because she knew this was going to be a very difficult path to follow and that success chances were going to be slim. I thus took this personal that I was gonna make her proud someday by succeeding in this field and become the success boy she had always dreamt of.



Being a good footballer and a talented singer,I was in between these two careers. It took me quite sometime to take music as the career. As a footballer I had played in so many local competitions but I was unlucky to step to another level due to the fact that I wasn’t exposed to other big clubs in the towns and cities. Therefore, during the early days of 2006,I had to make this decision as a turning point in my life, my career and family.


That was when I decided to do music and to go solo as an artist. In 2006, I proceeded with my music career and I did my first single, after which music has been the sole basis of my life. It is my career and a blessing to my family and friends. It was then that I began encountering the special people who impacted my musical life such as Scarce Boy(founder of Mannorun Records), Smat(a Partner of Mannorun Records) and DP(my Producer and Manager and also the C.E.O, of Mannorun Records).



Yeah, I love doing charity jobs like helping the underprivileged in the society and the poor and needy. This one is one of my favorites and just unfortunate that for now, can’t do so much as can’t afford so much either. But I hope one day to open my own foundation. Then, coupled to that, I always love to surprise my fans especially the best of them in places they wouldn’t be expecting to find me in. I just do a little research and find out where you live, the places you spend time at during your leisure periods and wow !! that’s where you gona find me just seated at your favorite spot waiting for you…lol…Yeah, that’s just me, I love my fans to usually feel the guy they just see on TV. Yeah and a big shout out to them too and I love them very much…


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  1. valery says:

    wow v,,,,,,,man of d decade,gud video……feelin it all


  2. d says:

    yeah,i’m loving this more….


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