In FCE profile interviews, FCE likes to be more personal than ever and today, we take an unprecedented look at the lovely Kelly Davis a successful Model, Actor, a Dancer and a woman with a clear vision for her big dreams and tells it like it is. That’s why we are FatalCut Entertainment. Saying it as it is…

Kelly Davis, of Kenyan mother and Greek Seminole father, is a native of Kansas but currently resides in the Sunny Los Angeles and continues to pursue her career in the entertainment industry. She has worked with some of Hollywood’s heavy weights and she shares her incredible journey with us.


Multi-racial princess Kelly Davis has been all around the world. With a mother from Kenya and a Greek Seminole father, she is a well-traveled, creative, 20 year old woman who loves what she does. Growing up in Kansas, Davis always had big city dreams. Her 5 sisters and 1 brother along with her parents, Dee and Cecilia, always stayed faithful to God and have been very blessed in their lives. She now lives in Los Angeles, having received a scholarship to the New York Film Academy upon graduating high school and graduating from the academy March 2013. She now works as a Actor, Model, and Dancer (She is trained for 12 years growing up) in Los Angeles.


One of the most crucial things that ever happened to me was when I was younger was discovering that when my dad was also my age 18-20 he came out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the film industry, but faced much rejection. I knew he did acting in school but I had NO idea he came to Los Angeles. That was SUCH a drive for me to do what I do and to SUCCEED at ALL COSTS. No matter what! I am doing I don’t do it just for myself I do it for him: I am living my dreams through him.



When I was in school, I hated school. I hated to party, I did not feel like I fit in with every one. I loved my friends don’t get me wrong, but my mind was in a different place. My mind was focused more on how I was gonna get places and it was focused on my career. I did not care about anything that kids my age did. I had huge dreams. So, getting through school was very, very tough on me.


I had a boyfriend of 3 years, he was my high school sweetheart, he was the star of the football team and I loved him to death. But everything was falling apart- I cut every one loose! I told him I loved him but he had to understand I have to focus on MY career MY goals MY life, I cut all my friends loose, I didn’t even go to the after party for graduation, my after party was my family and I dancing in my living room! And a month later I was in Florida performing and speaking to Tyler Perry Studios and Getting a Scholarship to the New York FIlm Academy! So the moral of the story is do what you have to do FOR YOU!! If you are miserable take yourself out of a situation, and focus on yourself.


My family and I just signed on to do a reality show where we compete with another family for A TON of money!! So it will be HILARIOUS my family is so incredibly crazy and funny…definitely stay tuned on your TVs for that…It will be awesome! My family will be in Los Angeles next month to start filming and we are all ready for a little fun 😉


Below, Kelly can be seen in a SHOHREH – ESRAR music video:

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  1. Kelly Davis says:

    Yes Yes this is Kelly Davis Hope you all LOVED the interview and always remember to
    SAY IT AS IT IS!!!

    Kelly Wairimu Davis


    1. Kelly, thank you for the interview. Regards,

      FCE Team


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