FCE PROFILES: KILIAN up Close & Personal

In FCE profile interviews, FCE likes to be more personal than ever and today, we present a personality of keen interest to many; Kilian Ateh, in his own very original words, uncut and as direct as ever. That’s why we are FatalCut Entertainment. Saying it as it is…

Kilian Ateh, African raised, American influenced, UK inclined Rap artist. Known in the media mainstream as ‘Kilian’, Kilian was born in Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon and rooted his humble beginnings in Douala. From childhood to ‘musichood’, Kilian put pen and paper together while pondering about family, life and creativity.  This is his life, music and beyond.


Kilian Ateh, now recording as Kilian, is a London based rapper, born in Bamenda, Cameroon and raised in Douala. He spent his early teenage years in the Deido area of Douala before moving to Bonaberi.

His cousins and close family describe him as always having pen to paper, scribbling away; spending hours humming to varying drum patterns he banged out on the ironing table. He would sit at the boom box playing 2Pac’s Brenda’s Got A Baby over and over trying to write down every word…

He took his desire and passion for music further than most would have dreamt of, performing at every show and social event. He later moved to London where he just released his first effort “The Farmer’s Backyard” with more to be announced later this year.



Losing my aunt, to date is the most devastating thing I’ve had to go through. For the most part of my teenage years I referred to her as “mother” without any comprehension of the weight of the word. All I knew at the time was, she was that important to me and had that much of an influence, that much an impact on the person I should and would grow up to be. She showed me unconditional love, a kindness I only fully understood with age. She was such a pure and virtuous being, a teacher of life, with ever-open arms and completely selfless.


Her death was shattering, a reality check of human mortality, and for a long while the feeling got worse, looking back, piecing the puzzle and getting to know just who she was… I fall very very short of the right diction or expression to fully encapsulate what her departure meant not just to me but also to my entire family. My mother lost her only sister and my cousins became orphans. How they truly felt I will never know but if you seek character, personality and resilience, I can point you to a pool of abundance…



I’ve been very lucky to have parents who let me do things I was passionate about or showed interest in from a very young age. In a heavily stereotypical African culture, anything that in anyway defies or steps out of the norm is more than just frowned upon, it is mostly beaten back into line, a line which most often than not revolves around a rigorous educational system. My parents were very neutral about my extracurricular activities, music, football, and art… as long as my grades weren’t prejudiced. I am eternally thankful to them for letting me discover parts of myself, chasing a dream a very small niche of Africans are allowed to live. For as long as I can remember I’ve been doing what I’ve always wanted to do and not had any especially major turning points.



Music’s not my first love! Didn’t see that coming did ya!? I’ll get into that later. Until then…



Find out more visit his website and listen to some of his songs www.kilianonline.com

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kilian says:

    it takes gut and character to say it as it is…


    1. Thanks for the words. Our pleasure.

      FCE Team


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