By doing FCE artist profiles, FCE intends to provide its audience and the artist’s fans an exclusive view of their favorite artist’s personal life through the BNI (Brand Name Interview) Style format which will be in line with its brand. Every selected profiled artists in the entertainment industry will respond to three statements beginning with a brief bio of themselves. Their responses to these three statements/questions are in a way a tiny window through which you, their devoted fans, can know more about them. In FCE profile interviews, FCE likes to be more personal than ever and today, we sit with Hollywood’s Marc Schryer. In his own very original words, uncut and as direct as ever. That’s why we are FatalCut Entertainment. Saying it as it is…

My name is Marc Schryer I am based out of Corona, CA I really got started in the art of acting 3 years ago while in a Starbucks. An actor came in and read my business shirt about carpet cleaning. He wanted his cleaned, and I wanted to get into acting. So he invited me to his workshop, and I was addicted.

961360857_final 1

FATAL: When I was 7 or 8 my mom decided that raising 3 kids took a backseat to
trying out a new man. She left us, I am the baby of 3, but the thing I brag
about is that the older siblings were not my dad’s, and he never thought twice
about raising us. Even to this day I deal with the abandonment of my mother and
can’t really forgive her, probably because she won’t accept her fault in it. I
can only cry on stage when I am having to deal with these type of emotions. But
I am who I am and proudly pushed through the mud of life to get to where I am

CUT: For me the turning point in my life is still happening, however looking
back, I decided not to be a doormat and be the door through the ending of my
first marriage. I realized that I was not living for me, I was living for
others and because of that I was unhappy. That was about 10 years ago. I have
been on a spiritual journey ever since. The arts have allowed me to express
myself in such a way as to reveal things in me that needed to be dealt with.

Marc S

ENTERTAINMENT: I can’t say exactly right now what is going on, but the forecast is for fame and fortune for sure. Everyone whose life I touched along the way will remember my saying that the whole world will know the name Marc Jeremy Schryer.
I know it’s aloof but I really must answer in this way.

See Marc’s professional reel below and watch out for more performances in a theater near you!


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  1. Marc Schryer says:

    It’s all true and correct.


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