By doing FCE artist profiles, FCE intends to provide its audience and the artist’s fans an exclusive view of their favorite artist’s personal life through the BNI (Brand Name Interview) Style format which will be in line with its brand. Every selected profiled artists in the entertainment industry will respond to three statements beginning with a brief bio of themselves. Their responses to these three statements/questions are in a way a tiny window through which you, their devoted fans, can know more about them. In FCE profile interviews, FCE likes to be more personal than ever and today, we sit South African born Hollywood actress Sarah Kozlowski. In her own very original words, uncut and as direct as ever. Did you know she was first in the corporate world before becoming actress, model and entrepreneur? That’s why we are FatalCut Entertainment. Saying it as it is…

My name is Sarah Kozlowski, I am a South African actress based in West Hollywood Los Angeles, CA. I was heavy corporate until 3 years ago when I went for my first audition for a part on Isidingo which I booked and since my first daunting day on that set have been blessed to have been acting ever since. Bye bye power suit hello lights, camera and action.


FATAL: Life throws many fatal curve balls your way and you live to tell the tale however in some cases sadly not. Of all the near fatal blows I have lived through I became too tough for my own good and never dealt with any of the aftermath of emotions or mourning. This resulted in me suffering a severe burn out and battling through a period of depression that lasted 18 months and almost kept me bed bound. Coming out of that dark hole and seeing the light taught me that when life throws you lemons, deal with it, don’t push the emotions and pain deep down as they are bound to eventually surface later on. There is nothing wrong with being vulnerable once in a while.


CUT: I am a mascot of moderation. All the bad stuff once in a while is just fine however I had to make some permanent cuts in the form of negative people and poisonous relationships that is far harder to do than quitting cigarettes or other addictions. Tearing away at your heart through bad relationships is just as bad as tearing away at your health through excess.


ENTERTAINMENT: I got a call that a film I am in is nominated at the Manhattan Film Festival and 15 minutes later a separate call regarding another film that I am also cast in is
nominated at the New York International Film Festival. It was a most joyous 30 minutes. Acting for me is my release and when hard work gets commended in any form it rocks. I have been so blessed since being signed in the City of Angels and by the grace of God, there will be plenty more good news to share soon. I would share now if I wasn’t under a confidentiality window 🙂


To see Sarah in action, below is her video reel 


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Firstly thank you FCE!

    I believe in what you guys are doing and it was a pleasure working with you. Keep it real, which I have absolutely no doubt you will.

    Much love

    Contact: http://www.kruglovmanagement.com


    1. Thank you Sarah for sharing. It was a great pleasure.


      The FCE Team


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