FCE PROFILES: AGE MUSIQ up Close & Personal

By doing FCE artist profiles, FCE intends to provide its audience and the artist’s fans an exclusive view of their favorite artist’s personal life through the BNI (Brand Name Interview) Style format which will be in line with its brand. Every selected profiled artists in the entertainment industry will respond to three statements beginning with a brief bio of themselves. Their responses to these three statements/questions are in a way a tiny window through which you, their devoted fans, can know more about them. In FCE profile interviews, FCE likes to be more personal than ever and today, we sit with the young, multicultural and multinational AGE Musiq. In his own very original words, uncut and as direct as ever. That’s why we are FatalCut Entertainment. Saying it as it is…

I am Age Musiq, Canadian/Cameroonian/French artist. Born 24 years ago in a family of 3 children with a Cameroonian dad and a French mom. I grew up  between Cameroon, France and North America. I am based in Montreal, this ultra talented city that is about to blow up. I started music around 17 years old. Back in the days I was a kid loving music of all kinds, lots of American hip hop, soul and African music, I figured it would be even better if I could listen to my own music. Since that day, music creation has became a real passion.


FATAL: Most definitely one of the events that touched me the most was when a friend of mine passed away a year ago. It’s always hard to lose a friend and even more when this friend leaves to soon. That made me acknowledge the fact that we really need to enjoy every moment of life and stay simple, because you never know when heaven is going to call you.


CUT: I remember this period, not an exact date but a specific period. In late 2010 I decided to make my own music, not the music that people wanted to hear, the music that matters to me and fits me. I was working with a label, with really talented people but with a very commercial view of music. Almost three years ago I said stop, I was not comfortable with the music I was making. I took time for introspection, time to get to know myself even better. Consequently it spent all that time without putting any music out, people thought i gave up on music. I was just taking time to become a better artist
and a better person. Becoming an artist is a long and difficult journey, making real music is not an easy path.


ENTERTAINMENT: Let’s say I try to be as versatile as possible musically speaking. I’m going to release my first EP this summer. Soul, hip hop, bossa nova, afrobeat, this is going to be pretty diversified in terms of musical influences. I am also working on the low on a Hip-hop/Makossa/Afrobeat/soul project. The goal is to show how African music influenced me throughout my artistic process and how relevant old school African music can be even today.


AGE Musiq in his own very words

For your listening pleasure : https://soundcloud.com/edima-atangana/mothership-ft-deetah

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  1. I’m Age Musiq and i’m saying it as it is. 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing Age Musiq. All the love from the FCE Team.


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