Someone Else Is Stealing Your Content: URL Shorteners…

An article, published July 9th, 2012 in Digital Music News caught my attention because so much has been discussed in class about the rights of content owners and artists and how technology gateway keepers such as Google need to do more to fight piracy and illegal download of music content over the internet.

According to the article, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is not properly enforced to protect digital content on the internet. This is because shortcuts are being devised by software such as and to go around the law to illegally monetize content. More so, this criminal act, as labeled by the article, is being done without the express knowledge of the consumer. The tool that is being used to monetize on digital content is a link shortener within which an ad experiences is embedded. When a consumer clicks on the link placed by and, they are taken to an ad before being redirected to the content they wanted to view or download.

From a personal perspective, this stopover imposed by and would have been illegal if the content owner were not offered a piece of the action. Both software applications offer $4 for 1,000 clicks or $6.50 per 1,000 clicks respectively. This to me in a sense is revenue share that the content owner can benefit from. Revenue through ads is the main source for revenue for most business on and off the internet. The issue here should not be that viewers are being redirected but how much the content owner is being paid from the ad revenue generated by AdF.lyand

As a consumer of digital music and content, I will hate to be redirected to an ad if I wanted to play a music video by one of my favorite artists. As a potential promoter of new and undiscovered artists, I see this as a source of revenue for my clients. The questions I will have, as earlier hinted, will be how much of the ad revenue will AdF.lyand offer me for the content they will be advertising on. From an executive standpoint, there should be a dedicated site for the music videos or free MP3s downloads. This way, dedicated fans and consumers of my bands’ content will have a source of original and uninterrupted experience  when consuming the bands’ videos and free downloads.

With the growth of technology, no one should miss on the opportunity to digitally market their product. However, premium user experience should always be considered in order to distinguish your product from the rest.

By Gerard Ngwang


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