RIAA Faces Near Certain Failure In Its .music Bid…

In a Digital Music News article written on Monday July 2nd by Paul, the ongoing story of the RIAA led consortium called Far Further’s application for the .Music domain name was revisited. According to the article, the application for this domain name does not seem to be have a smooth process in the offices of the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) that acts as the gatekeeper.

As stated in the article, the ICANN has stringent rules that it goes by to approve such applications but looking at the criteria for admission into the domain name placed forward by far Further, the application might not go through because of the apparent marginalization and preferential requirements Far Further will put in place if awarded the ok to operate the .music domain. Far Further did not obtain the minimum points required by the ICANN which places them in a not so good position.

In my personal opinion, an attempt by the music industry to control access of content is a noble cause but the membership requirements placed forward by far Further to issue .music domain web addresses further limits the purpose of the product; which is to distribute the product as quickly and far as possible around the globe. With a membership restriction, the discovery and growth of new music artists and bands could be limited which could adversely impact the music industry.

Let’s keep in mind that digital music sales are outpacing record sales with the wide usage of digital technology. The technology will only get better so limiting access for users and creators of music over the internet could negatively impact the global access of music which will in turn reduce revenue from this industry unless fans miraculously start buying records again. This I do not see happening.

From a high level perspective, such a division could be a nightmare for a music executive who is looking for new talent to sign to their record label. Outside this established ecosystem will exist a wild vast land of musical talent. Rather going to cheaply built band websites or aggregate sites, the executive will need to stretch his or her resources to cover uncharted territory of websites that cannot be identified with the .music domain name. There is no telling whether the next hottest artists or band will have their video uploaded in a child care blog for fear of being penalized for improper usage of their site. I look forward to knowing how the .music domain name will be policed.

By Gerard Ngwang



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