Social Media and Murphy’s Law of Unintended Consequences

The goal of FatalCut Entertainment (FCE) and this blog in particular is to facilitate the marketing of media content, especially film and music videos over the internet. FatalCut Entertainment is a new platform that provides a unique type of entertainment, video exposure and brand advertisement in a social networking environment.

This post is different from all the other posts on this blog in the sense that it goes deeper into the science of social media than the art. With the propagation of social networking sites, many scientists, academics and users of these social platforms have tried to understand the challenges caused by the use of these networks. Nowadays, we are familiar with concerns such as privacy and identity theft. These concerns boil down to basic friendly arguments and family drama. These social networks were primarily built to connect people at several levels and purposes. They get people out of their comfort zones some of whom create different persona to have those friends they have always wanted. For business people, social networks are a great way to reach target audience. A bonanza or heaven for ROI.

To understand the various effects of social networks, I have sought to understand Murphy’s Law that states that “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. Could this be the reason why social networks that were meant to connect people on the internet are replacing cell phones? Why Millennial can’t do without their Facebook, FCE or Twitter accounts? Murphy’s Law of unintended consequences basically says that whatever will go wrong because of the usage of these social networks will go wrong. That’s my way of appreciating social innovation amidst the eminent unintended consequences.


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