Film and Social Networks in Africa

The art of making and selling films has been going on for decades but the level and rate of development of this art has been different around the world. When we hear or film, we think of Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood and recently Camwood, Callywood or Collywood which is the name for the upcoming film market of the central African country, Cameroon.

Film in Africa still has some way to go due to the slow economic growth and lack of investment from the individuals or the film institutions that exist across the continent. FESPACO was created in 1969 in Burkina Faso as the forum for the African film market. How has this institution been able to expose and promote the African film market? With all the resources and talent found in Africa, one will like to know where all the films made in Africa are being marketed and whether Africa itself is a sustainable market for its product.

An interview on Postwatch with Cameroon’s Ntemfac Ofege, journalist and filmmaker, reveals the talent, thought process and some potential of hurdles of film-making in Africa. With the explosion of social networking, one will think that Africa will catch up with the numerous channels of information sharing. Infrastructure still remains the major obstacle to social and technological innovation in Africa. gives a list of some social networking platforms currently existing in Africa. Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Mali might be boiling points for some groundbreaking motion pictures ever made in the history of film, embracing social networks and all its perks could bring back Quartier Mozart to the big screen near you.


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