Online advertising costing workers at P&G…

I recently read a post in a class blog here by my fellow classmate Kelly on how the CEO of P&G reached a hard decision to lay off  1,600 workers after realizing that there are cheaper ways to advertise than traditional measures…online.

In my response, also available in the link above, I said “This to me is another indication of the shift in ad sales revenue from TV to internet platform. I’m very interested in the sources used by movie studios and film production companies to advertize/create buzz for their theater releases. They rely heavily on TV ads which accounts for 70% to 80% of their marketing budgets. A lot of movie studios still have not figured out how to use social media to get to their targeted audience and for companies such Google, Facebook and recently P&G, the internet seems to be a bonanza for relevant targeted audience. Hope it does not cost the next corporate giant 1600 workers to embrace social media in their advertising departments.”

Gerard Ngwang

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