FatalCut Entertainment (FCE) is an internet platform dedicated to Cinema Students, Independent Filmmakers, Film Studios and Advertising Agencies. FCE is all about entertainment, buzz and eyeballs.

Welcome to FatalCut Entertainment (FCE) official blog. This extension of our website will be dedicated to Social Media Marketing (SMM). This blog was created to foster discussion and knowledge on online marketing of film content through Social Media Marketing (SMM). All statements and and references on this blog by FCE are not final but are made as a result of research and due diligence. At FCE, we believe that film content is subjective and every viewer has an angle to contribute. What is yours?

During and after the production of a picture, filmmakers and studio executives have to start thinking of ways to create buzz for their projects in order to secure huge box office earnings. Who is the target audience? What is the best way to reach this target audience? How much will it cost to reach this target audience? How do we keep this target audience informed and engaged without giving away too much? These are some of the questions asked by content creators and addressed through SMM. Please feel free to contribute to our posts as we engage in this ever evolving media space.


Gerard Ngwang

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